A Day of Prayer

This retreat is usually presented in a daylong format. I begin with what prayer is: raising our heart and mind to God. I go on to explain many different forms of prayer and ways to pray. I’ll take you through rote prayer, exterior prayer, meditative prayer and contemplative prayer. We will go through a guided meditative exercise and utilize the labyrinth. We will expand on prayer by exploring Lectio Divina, centering prayer, journaling prayer and finally praying all ways…your ways!
This retreat works for many faith traditions and spiritual practices.

This program can be presented in a single evening and also can be extended into a weekend.

  • Hands in prayer

Authentic Self

This can either be a day or weekend-long program.  I employ many different tools, including a “spirituality check-up”, guided journaling, writing your own story and weave time in community with space for personal reflection. I give you space, time and tools to use in order to be safely honest with yourselves and your God. You will take a Genuine Journey to remember who you were as children and young adults. What you dreamed to be and where you find yourself now.
Through guided questions, poetry, and relevant quotes which all speak to the heart, I provide an environment for beginning the process of breaking down barriers that have prevented us from growing fully into the person who God created us to be. You will have the opportunity to recapture and renew the gifts, passions, and dreams that you have always known to be uniquely yours.


It is the women in our lives who have been there for us, anchored us, and encouraged us to be who we are in our best and worst moments. This retreat brings together and celebrates these women whom we call sisters.

They come to us in the form of mothers, daughters, siblings, close friends or sisters by friendship or marriage. Whoever they are and however they entered our lives it is these special relationships that are celebrated, reconnected, reestablished and deepened again by sharing this retreat.

The weekend’s format includes: journeying through time, crossing thresholds, telling our stories, and sharing our lives.  We explore not only the relationship with the sisters who are with us this weekend, but the special relationships with all women–ancestral sisters and their nurturing relationships of the past, present and the future.  We use many forms of emotional expression including song, dance, poetry, guided meditation, journaling, letter writing and art.

Self-Discovery in the Labyrinth

The labyrinth is close to my heart and I’ve become well-known in Southern California for my labyrinth leadership.  Labyrinth programs can be scheduled for a half or full day or done in an evening format.

First, we learn about the history, geometry, and sacred aspects of the spirituality of journey which the labyrinth has represented for millennia. Then I lead the group through the contemplative aspect of the labyrinth as a metaphor for your life. I teach you how walking and practicing the labyrinth can bring you the time and space to quiet ourselves, deepen our sense of unity with the Holy and realize how active She is in our lives.  And of course, we actually walk the labyrinth and share our reflections on the experience.

Healthcare Retreats

I offer several themed programs exploring healthcare practices and practitioners of today. Some of the presentations I offer include: Care of Patients, Care of the Caregivers, Coping with Chronic Illness, as well as Chronic Pain. I also offer retreats specially designed for healthcare providers dealing with “burnout” and “career fatigue.”
During these seminars for healthcare practitioners, I explore the current healthcare environment including changes in workload, support, and the ever-growing demands on healthcare workers. I will provide tools for coping, strategies for dealing with stress in the moment, after an event, and offer methods for living more peacefully with the stresses of our everyday lives.

Programs for caregivers and patients center on coping strategies and an understanding of their disease process and the impact that it has on their lives and that of their loved ones. We explore the impact of disease on a physical as well as emotional level and talk about coping tools which will help you to learn how to live anew.

  • Surgery in the OR


Genuine Journeys offers selected individualized retreats for your corporate workplace.  Our goal is to work with clients, assessing what your strengths and challenges are in your current corporate culture.  We work closely with clients to determine together the goal of the retreat.  What we aim for is working closely with leadership and staff alike, creating the theme for the event and then we utilize a combination of lecture, dynamic activities and teaching tools to develop team building skills, strengthen relationships and understanding between peers and corporate leaders.  What are the challenges or goals that resonate with you that could enhance and give support to your current employees, enriching the corporate environment and increasing productivity?

  • Man at desk discerning

Examples of retreats offered by Genuine Journeys include:

  • Increasing motivation.
  • Boosting morale.
  • Building cohesiveness.
  • Managing stress, inside and outside the workplace.
  • Get to know each other better, i.e. team building to enhance productivity.
  • Increasing creativity and looking for ways to generate new ideas.
  • Celebrating the team that you have, the successes that you each have participated in which help to secure and deepen working relationships.

We would be happy to provide a free consultation to discuss how we can help you to assess your needs and determine what you feel you would like to get out of the event for the staff, yourself and the company at large.